Are betting webinars worth your while?

Are Betting Webinars Worth Your While?

At some point or another, you’ve surely come across an email invitation or promotional offer to attend a webinar based on a specific subject. In fact, webinars are becoming an increasingly popular medium for coaches, authors, speakers and industry experts to use in their pursuit of gaining the attention of their desired audience.

The word webinar is an amalgamation of the words “web” and “seminar” – and the name explains it all. Essentially, a webinar is a seminar, presentation, discussion or instructional session that is conducted over the internet. You can look at them like an online class or workshop.

You’ll be able to find both paid and free webinars on a wide range of topics, including guides on betting options, wagers and sport betting strategies. Whether betting webinars are worth your time or not depend largely on your experience. Some punters feel that the insight gained from betting webinars is invaluable, while certain seasoned bettors may feel that they don’t provide any new information over and above what they already know already.

Below you’ll find a list of advantages and disadvantages which can help you decide whether betting webinars are a worthwhile investment of your time and potentially your money.

Advantages of Betting Webinars include:

  • There is a growing number of betting webinars that can be accessed for free.
  • Webinars are typically compiled by experts in the field. In terms of betting, this could mean that the webinar was created by a betting expert or authority in the betting industry.
  • Webinars are a great source of betting information and strategy, which is particularly useful for those bettors who are new or inexperienced; and are unfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of betting. The more information on betting you have at your disposal means that you are better equipped to make well-educated betting decisions as a result.
  • Webinars are usually tightly packaged and structured online workshops that take participants through a guided review of the topic. This format of carefully compiled information can save punters loads of time when compared to accessing the same information by themselves from various websites and sources on the internet.
  • Some webinars provide an opportunity for engagement with the host. This means that participants can pose questions directly to the betting expert during the live Q&A stream.

Disadvantages of Betting Webinars include:

  • Not all webinars can be accessed for free which means that you might need to pay a fee to access and view the specific webinar that you’re after.
  • Webinars have become a popular platform for digital entrepreneurs to build their online authority and grow their business. They are not exclusively used as a platform for knowledge exchange and can be used as thinly veiled attempt to sell you additional products and services.
  • Webinars might not be a great use of time for experienced bettors, as they usually contain information that is already commonly known and available on the internet. This means that there is a chance of you paying for a webinar that contains information that you’ve already picked up over the years, through your own experience.
  • Watching betting webinars does not automatically mean that you’ll become successful with your future betting endeavours. Don’t be fooled by promises of learning strategies that will bring you instant profits.

political bets

Best NZ$ Online Sportsbooks for Political Bets

The internet and social media has put punters in New Zealand more in touch with local and world politics than ever before, and at a time when absolutely anything seems possible. This, of course, is not limited to the islands, if the worldwide response to recent US presidential elections is anything to go by.

As the world of politics seems to become ever more exciting, if not downright bizarre, more and more punters are trying their luck by placing political bets.

Political betting online was previously limited to a few big name sportsbooks that included novelty markets among their offerings. However, the awareness of these markets grows among Kiwi punters, more and more sportsbooks have offering such markets.

Popular Political Bets

When it comes to the different types of political bets available at online sportsbooks, punters may notice that the market does not have quite the same scope as other markets such as racing, rugby, or cricket.

When betting on elections, most punters in New Zealand opt for basic Win bets, which are placed on a candidate or political party to win an election. Online markets also offer betting options that can be described as exotic bets.

Punters could bet on how candidates rank in the popular vote, on parties to win seats in Parliament, or even on the number of parliamentary seats gained by a party. Some sportsbooks even allow punters to bet on candidates or parties to lose elections.

Long Shot Political Bets

No sooner is one election concluded, and the race for the next one begins. National or general elections are seldom sudden events, so online sportsbooks tend to open markets for political bets long before elections actually take place.

This is especially true of markets such as the elections of the prime ministers of New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, as well as the US presidential election. Punters who enjoy placing long shot bets are certainly given plenty of opportunities to do so.

Sportsbooks for Political Bets

The best, or rather the only, online sportsbooks at which punters should place political bets are those that are licensed and regulated by gaming jurisdictions with a good reputation. If a sportsbook is not licensed, it is operating illegally, and probably with nefarious intentions.

After checking that the sportsbook at which they’re considering placing bets is, in fact, licensed, they should also check that they can use the banking service conveniently and securely. They should be able to make deposits using methods such as e-wallets, credit cards, prepaid cards, and direct bank transfer.

The service should be protect by SSL data encryption technology, and a support service should be available via live chat, telephone, and email 24 hours a day.

Tips for Political Bets

For many punters in New Zealand, politics is usually a charged subject. Opinions and emotions can reach fever pitch, and punters would do well to try keep a clear head when placing political bets.

The best thing they can do to try ensure they place informed bets is to keep abreast with local and international politics, especially because things can change overnight. It takes only one scandal to swing the odds.

Punters should be wary of betting on elections in which one candidate is bound to come out tops, such as those in countries known for elections that are neither free nor fair, such as in Zimbabwe. In such cases, online sportsbooks offer very low odds, if they offer any at all.

Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting

If you thought sports betting still required that you head to town and speak to your bookie in person, you haven’t heard about online sports betting. Utilising the latest internet technology, online bookmakers are now offering the most convenient wagering services available. All that is required is an internet capable device, be it a smart phone, laptop, or home computer, and bets can be placed in under a minute. The best part is that online bookies are notoriously generous, offering not only bargain deals and special promotional offers, but reward points for loyal customers.

Virtually all sports are covered at online bookmakers, from the mainstream sports like rugby and cricket, all the way thought to less mainstream sports like darts. If you can think of a sport, it is very likely covered by a bookmaker. The selection is so big, in fact, that a real world bookmaker likely couldn’t compete. And at an online bookmaker all the sports are easily accessible via simple menus and navigation buttons.

How Online Sports Betting Works

So what is required to get started with online sports betting? Not much at all. Any device that can connect to the internet is sufficient, including just about any smart phone. You can simply surf to the bookmaker’s website, and start placing bets. An active account will be required, but creating one takes just a few moments. Simply tap or click the registration button, enter the details, and your account will be active immediately. Of course, funds will be required to place bets, so be sure to deposit some starting funds into the account before betting.

Online sport betting works exactly the same as in a real world bookmaker. Sports teams or racers are given odds, which will be clearly displayed beside their name. The bet maker selects the team or racer they want, and so agrees to the odds stated. Once the event has been finished, the bookmaker will automatically pay out winners. Note that payouts may take a few hours to complete, but will be done in as fast a time as is possible. To collect the winnings, you don’t have to do anything except see them appear in your account. This money can be withdrawn fro your online account to your bank account at any time from NZ betting sites.

More About Odds

If you’re new to bet making, you might be a little confused about how odds work. Here is a brief explanation. Essentially odds are assigned by the bookmaker based on how likely he or she believes the team or racer is to win. High odds, such as 1/15, indicate that the odds of the team or racer being successful are seen as low. But, the odds also indicate that a bet at those will result in high payouts, if the bet is a success. It’s a system that can potentially reward risk taking.

Low odds mean the exact opposite. 1/2 odds, for example, will give even money payouts. Or to be more specific, a bet of $10 will payout only $10. The bet is seen to be much more likely to win, however, which is what makes online sports betting so interesting.