AFL betting tips

3 AFL Betting Tips You Need To Know

Affectionately referred to as the beautiful game, football holds the proud title of the world’s favourite spectator sport. Few other sports can garner the same level of attention and adoration in the way football can. Betting on football has become an equally popular phenomenon, with online sports betting making it easier than ever before to place a wager on your favourite team. Punters from Norway all the way to New Zealand will tell you that nothing quite beats the exciting dimension that placing a wager on your team adds to watching the events unfold on the field.

The emergence of online betting sites has made it easier to access betting action on local football markets such as the AFL, as well as European leagues and international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup. The Australian Football League is a particular favourite with punters hailing from Australia and New Zealand. The league currently consists of 18 teams and match events take place throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you’ve followed the AFL betting online closely but have never placed a wager on your favourite teams, there are a few aspects to consider that can help you make a well-informed first bet. Ask any experienced bettor for some sage advice and they’ll typically give you a combination of the three tips below:

  1. Understanding the Betting Options

Before placing any bet on an AFL team, you need to make sure that you understand the various betting options and types of bets that are available to you. It’s recommended that you spend some time familiarising yourself with the different types of bets so that you’re sure to find one that suits your particular style and preferred level of betting action. Football punters will typically encounter the following types of popular bets:

  • Money Line Betting
  • Half Time/ Full Time Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Accumulator/ Parlay Betting
  1. Researching Teams

Now that you understand the different types of betting options available you can dedicate some time to getting to know the various teams in the AFL in more detail. Ideally, you want to specialise your research on a few teams, as well as following the league from a bird’s eye perspective to give you an overall impression of the league.

Familiarising yourself with a team’s past performance, their injury record, home and away statistics, as well as how the team is managed, is a great approach when formulating a well-rounded view of the team. This information allows bettors to make a well-educated decision on how to proceed with their next bet.

  1. Online Sports Betting Sites

The popularity of sports betting has exploded since the emergence of online sportsbooks and sports betting sites. These sites give betting fans an easily accessible way to make wagers on a variety of sports, betting markets and levels of action. You’ll find a wide range of sports on which to bet on and will be happy to know that the AFL is a fairly well-covered market on sports betting sites that are geared towards the Australian and New Zealand sports betting community.


Introduction to Online AFL Betting in New Zealand

New Zealanders not only love watching the most prestigious Australian rules football competition, they also love betting on it, and they don’t have to go very far to do it. The islands’ top online bookmakers always make sure to include AFL markets so punters don’t miss any of the action.

Punters can bet on a pre-season competition, the regular season, the finals series, and the Grand Final. The season runs from March to September.

Outright match and season bets can be placed, as can exotic or prop bets. Punters in New Zealand can also place futures and live bets.

AFL Season Structure

The AFL’s pre-season competition is known as the NAB Challenge, and its current form was introduced in 2014. During the Challenge, each of the league’s 18 teams play three games each.

The pre-season starts in late February, and ends in early March. It gives the teams a chance to start preparing for the big competition and to trial any changes that have been made to the rules.

The premiership season, which runs from late March to early September, sees 23 rounds of home and away Aussie rules football games played.

Apart from the Grand Final, the AFL premiership season in which each team plays 22 games, attracts the most punters from New Zealand. It features top quality football as well as an incredible number of match bets.

When the home and away season comes to an end, the minor premiers are awarded the McClelland Trophy, which provides punters with yet another opportunity to place their bets at online bookmakers.

Themed rounds and special matches that can make for interesting betting opportunities for New Zealanders. Among them are Anzac Day, the Rivalry Round, the Heritage Round, the Women’s Round, the Queen’s Birthday game, and Dreamtime at the ‘G.

The whole point of the AFL premiership series is to determine the eight teams that will play in the finals series that ends with the Grand Final. The series runs for the four weeks of September, with the Grand Final being played on the last Saturday of that month.

Betting at New Zealand’s online bookmakers reaches fever pitch during the finals series, as the eight teams are reduced to the two that will play for the title of premiers and the EL Wilson Shield.

Popular Types of AFL Bets

The AFL betting options at New Zealand’s online bookmakers are many, and cover both individual matches, the season, and the Grand Final. Bracket and multiple batch bets can also be placed during the season.

The most popular bets placed are those on the winners of particular games. There are also many different exotic bets placed by New Zealand’s punters, some of which are betting on AFL records to be broken, the number of points specific players will score, and the correct scores of games.

Current AFL Teams

The AFL’s current clubs are drawn from five of Australia’s six states. The only one to not be represented in the league is Tasmania. A knowledge of each club’s record can be of benefit to punters in New Zealand who want to place exotic bets online.

Those clubs currently in the league are Adelaide Crows, Brisbane Lions, Carlton Blues, Collingwood Magpies, Essendon Bombers, Fremantle Dockers, Geelong Cats, Greater Western Sydney Giants, Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Demons, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Port Adelaide Power, Richmond Tigers, St Kilda Saints, Sydney Swans, West Coast Eagles, and Western Bulldogs.


Great Sports Betting On The AFL

AFL matches bring the best teams of Australian Rules football together in one league. AFL matches gives you some of the best sports betting action since the matches are so physical and competitive.

There are 18 teams from 5 Australian states who all compete for the championship.

The best way to wager on the championship and pre-season games is undoubtedly with online sports betting.

It is the most convenient way to make real money wagers on your favourite players and matches in Australia.

Team Composition And Available Wagers

AFL games are ranked on a single table system. The season starts off with pre-season games under the name of the NAB Challenge with the 18 teams playing three matches each.

Sports bettors can wager on these matches in a variety of formats.

Single betting is available for wagers on which teams will be triumphant in any given match, while spread bets can be placed to cover matches for the entire pre-season event.

The wagers often feature much better odds than you will see at a land based sports betting shop.

This is because online sports betting sites make their own odds and try to make them more competitive to encourage new members to sign up in Australia.

Regular Season Betting

The mobile AFL premiership betting season usually starts in March and finishes in September. In this time each team will play 22 matches spread over 23 rounds.

Four points are awarded for a winning team and 2 points are awarded if two teams draw. The top teams will face each other in the final for the McClelland Trophy.

This gives bettors in Australia ample opportunity for some great sports wagering. The teams are very skilled meaning that each matchup offers exciting Australian Rules football action.

The Finals

The AFL finals traditionally take place at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds. The 8 best teams from the premiership season take part in the finals series in September.

This is some of the busiest times for online betting sites as all the AFL fans want to get in on the betting action of the finals and grand final.

Real Money Sports Betting

All your online AFL bets can be made with real money. This includes Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, American Dollars and Euros.

Once you have a sports betting account you can use your debit or credit card as well as many different online payment services to make deposits and withdrawals from your sport betting account.

With the great odds and huge potential rewards on offer, it’s no wonder so many bettors in Australia are switching to online sports betting.

The AFL Themed And Special Matches

Other than the standard AFL matches, there is a popular tradition of special themed matches that take place throughout the year. These matches celebrate historic events as well as address long standing team rivalries.

Some of the unique AFL matches that offer one of a kind betting action include the ANZAC day clash, the Heritage round , the Queen’s Birthday game and the Dreamtime at the ‘G match.