Are betting webinars worth your while?

Are Betting Webinars Worth Your While?

At some point or another, you’ve surely come across an email invitation or promotional offer to attend a webinar based on a specific subject. In fact, webinars are becoming an increasingly popular medium for coaches, authors, speakers and industry experts to use in their pursuit of gaining the attention of their desired audience.

The word webinar is an amalgamation of the words “web” and “seminar” – and the name explains it all. Essentially, a webinar is a seminar, presentation, discussion or instructional session that is conducted over the internet. You can look at them like an online class or workshop.

You’ll be able to find both paid and free webinars on a wide range of topics, including guides on betting options, wagers and sport betting strategies. Whether betting webinars are worth your time or not depend largely on your experience. Some punters feel that the insight gained from betting webinars is invaluable, while certain seasoned bettors may feel that they don’t provide any new information over and above what they already know already.

Below you’ll find a list of advantages and disadvantages which can help you decide whether betting webinars are a worthwhile investment of your time and potentially your money.

Advantages of Betting Webinars include:

  • There is a growing number of betting webinars that can be accessed for free.
  • Webinars are typically compiled by experts in the field. In terms of betting, this could mean that the webinar was created by a betting expert or authority in the betting industry.
  • Webinars are a great source of betting information and strategy, which is particularly useful for those bettors who are new or inexperienced; and are unfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of betting. The more information on betting you have at your disposal means that you are better equipped to make well-educated betting decisions as a result.
  • Webinars are usually tightly packaged and structured online workshops that take participants through a guided review of the topic. This format of carefully compiled information can save punters loads of time when compared to accessing the same information by themselves from various websites and sources on the internet.
  • Some webinars provide an opportunity for engagement with the host. This means that participants can pose questions directly to the betting expert during the live Q&A stream.

Disadvantages of Betting Webinars include:

  • Not all webinars can be accessed for free which means that you might need to pay a fee to access and view the specific webinar that you’re after.
  • Webinars have become a popular platform for digital entrepreneurs to build their online authority and grow their business. They are not exclusively used as a platform for knowledge exchange and can be used as thinly veiled attempt to sell you additional products and services.
  • Webinars might not be a great use of time for experienced bettors, as they usually contain information that is already commonly known and available on the internet. This means that there is a chance of you paying for a webinar that contains information that you’ve already picked up over the years, through your own experience.
  • Watching betting webinars does not automatically mean that you’ll become successful with your future betting endeavours. Don’t be fooled by promises of learning strategies that will bring you instant profits.

AFL betting tips

3 AFL Betting Tips You Need To Know

Affectionately referred to as the beautiful game, football holds the proud title of the world’s favourite spectator sport. Few other sports can garner the same level of attention and adoration in the way football can. Betting on football has become an equally popular phenomenon, with online sports betting making it easier than ever before to place a wager on your favourite team. Punters from Norway all the way to New Zealand will tell you that nothing quite beats the exciting dimension that placing a wager on your team adds to watching the events unfold on the field.

The emergence of online betting sites has made it easier to access betting action on local football markets such as the AFL, as well as European leagues and international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup. The Australian Football League is a particular favourite with punters hailing from Australia and New Zealand. The league currently consists of 18 teams and match events take place throughout Australia and New Zealand.

If you’ve followed the AFL betting online closely but have never placed a wager on your favourite teams, there are a few aspects to consider that can help you make a well-informed first bet. Ask any experienced bettor for some sage advice and they’ll typically give you a combination of the three tips below:

  1. Understanding the Betting Options

Before placing any bet on an AFL team, you need to make sure that you understand the various betting options and types of bets that are available to you. It’s recommended that you spend some time familiarising yourself with the different types of bets so that you’re sure to find one that suits your particular style and preferred level of betting action. Football punters will typically encounter the following types of popular bets:

  • Money Line Betting
  • Half Time/ Full Time Betting
  • Over/Under Betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Accumulator/ Parlay Betting
  1. Researching Teams

Now that you understand the different types of betting options available you can dedicate some time to getting to know the various teams in the AFL in more detail. Ideally, you want to specialise your research on a few teams, as well as following the league from a bird’s eye perspective to give you an overall impression of the league.

Familiarising yourself with a team’s past performance, their injury record, home and away statistics, as well as how the team is managed, is a great approach when formulating a well-rounded view of the team. This information allows bettors to make a well-educated decision on how to proceed with their next bet.

  1. Online Sports Betting Sites

The popularity of sports betting has exploded since the emergence of online sportsbooks and sports betting sites. These sites give betting fans an easily accessible way to make wagers on a variety of sports, betting markets and levels of action. You’ll find a wide range of sports on which to bet on and will be happy to know that the AFL is a fairly well-covered market on sports betting sites that are geared towards the Australian and New Zealand sports betting community.